At least, this is what I do when I'm feeling unraveled.
  1. Drive to the mountains where it's colder and you can feel fall in your bones and you can wear a scarf.
  2. Bring your favorite books of poetry
  3. Also bring your fancy Moleskin you haven't written in in about 7 months because you had thought you had given up on creative writing
  4. Plan on writing poetry by the fireplace in your cute, overpriced cabin in the mountain.
  5. But before all this, call your best friend who lives in Texas. Listen to her life story now that she lives in Texas and not in California with you
  6. Tell her you miss her. Know that if she were here, you two would be drinking white wine and smoking cigarettes on her porch and laughing.
  7. Get a fresh gel mani. Or paint your nails yourself because you have lots of cool colors of polish.
  8. Don't go on the Internet.
  9. Don't think about deadlines.
  10. But do outline and brainstorm and think about your next big story or project or even pitch, because you are, above all, a writer.
  11. Sleep in.
  12. Make some tea, but make it with that expensive tea with the silky tea pouch so you feel like a queen sipping on her tea
  13. Listen to Bob Dylan because he reminds you of love. Listen to The Shins because they remind you of being fifteen. Then listen to Selena Gomez's new album because it's what you need right now. And it's 💯
  14. Write in your journal. Then after you're done, flip back ten entries and realize (and tell yourself) that nothing is permanent.