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  1. The seat hoppers.
    Several girls jumping from seat to seat claiming it as there own until the real ticket holder came along.
  2. The wild ones.
    Tied up shirts need to be left in middle school, and twerking obnoxiously to a slow song isn't cute.
  3. The line skippers.
    After standing in line to get in for 15 minutes I witnessed a woman walk up to the young girls in front of me, hand them cash & then proceed to cut the entire line.
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Oh it's been a whirlwind.
  1. Don't regret decisions made.
    Good or bad, they've led you to where you are today.
  2. School will pay off.
    It's tough now, but when you get that diploma it'll all be worth it.
  3. Be grateful for your medication.
    They keep your head up, and your life pushing forward.
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Reasons I don't let myself drink red bull
  1. What was the point of writing down 12 pages of notes on A B & C from the Beatles
    The damn test questions were on X Y & Z
  2. How am I supposed to wake up at 430am tomorrow
    Without killing anyone, including myself, in the process
  3. Why is my flight to Amsterdam 19 hours
    Are they flying me to Africa or Amsterdam?
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18 months seems like a huge milestone, but some days it still feels like day one
  1. Sometimes just getting up is an accomplishment
    You got out of bed, you did something today, be proud of yourself
  2. Crying in the shower gets rid of a lot of pain
    It works miracles, really
  3. Health always comes first
    People won't always understand this, but it's very important
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  1. My first cup of tea in the morning
  2. Clean sheets
  3. Going to the chiropractor
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  1. this picture of @caseyfitzsimmons & I falling asleep hugging each other
  2. that time we had too much to drink & overflowed our hotel room at disney with bubbles
  3. irobotyoujane
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  1. California is so expensive it's unreal
    & Barista's don't make shit
  2. Parking in LA
    When there's 10 different parking signs how does one de-code that
  3. Getting my car towed
    Please reference last point
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  1. Continue on with school, even though it sucks
    I mean at least it's free
  2. Try your best not to quit your job
    No matter how many customers you'd like to punch in the face, it's not worth losing free school
  3. Pass a math class
    No clue how I'm gonna make this work
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  1. You were meant to be in certain places at certain times for a reason
  2. Hiking is good for the soul
  3. When in a sticky situation, fake an emergency, drop a few tears, you'll be out faster than you'll know
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