1. Continue on with school, even though it sucks
    I mean at least it's free
  2. Try your best not to quit your job
    No matter how many customers you'd like to punch in the face, it's not worth losing free school
  3. Pass a math class
    No clue how I'm gonna make this work
  4. M O V E
    I've always wanted this, and it's finally happening
  5. Try adulting?
  6. Get outdoors more
    Nothing clears my mind like a good hike
  7. Get an internship
    And work your ass off- it'll be worth it
  8. Find a new outlet
    An escape, something that will help clear my mind & keep me from making regrettable choices
  9. Try new things
    They won't (always) bite
  10. Filter out the negative people
    they're not worth keeping around
  11. Don't be afraid to let people into your life
    Hands down the scariest point
  12. Try your best to stop talking to dogs
    Regardless of how much you wish they'd respond, they won't
  13. Never stop telling the people you love that you love them
    You never know when your last chance will be
  14. Continue to work on your mental health
    I'm definitely still a work in progress
  15. Learn how to believe in yourself
    All I ever do is doubt myself, this needs to change
  16. Don't give up on your dreams
    They're big, fairly massive actually, but that doesn't mean they're unobtainable