1. You were meant to be in certain places at certain times for a reason
  2. Hiking is good for the soul
  3. When in a sticky situation, fake an emergency, drop a few tears, you'll be out faster than you'll know
  4. In LA taking 20 minutes to drive a mile is the norm
  5. Sales clerks on Robertson Blvd are the best story tellers
  6. Being in the presence of Beyoncé will clear every imperfection on your body
  7. Paps are ruthless
  8. LA art makes for the best Instagram aesthetic
  9. LA after midnight carries the deepest of secrets
  10. The best parts of LACMA are always sold out
  11. When I carry my MK bag in colorado I feel great, in LA I feel like a broke bitch
  12. Never doubt anything in life, you wouldn't believe how fast your dreams will come true
  13. Sarah Minders- that's all
  14. Marissa will sass me until the day she dies
  15. There's no such thing as too much urth
  16. All it takes is a drop of alcohol for Yahaira to sass someone
  17. Postmates is a blessing
  18. Justin Bieber loves Jesus
  19. Spur of the moment tattoos are the best tattoos
  20. Living life without taking chances isn't actually living life
  21. I still want to be just like @stacymichelle
  22. Mulholland Drive outlooks at night are pure magic
  23. Alcohol is the potion for fearlessness
  24. The vanilla cupcakes from sprinkles taste like dog food
  25. No day is a mellow day in LA
  26. When in doubt Rock, Paper, scissors
  27. Farmers markets sell the best thingamabobs
  28. Don't ride the Farris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier- especially when it's raining- especially with @ddpieroni
  29. Parking meters take half your paycheck
  30. I have always & will always believe that LA is where I belong
  31. @Debby is just a fantastic human
  32. San Diego Airport vs. LAX is pretty much heaven vs. hell
  33. I become more motivated and more determined to work every time I visit
  34. Dreams will only stay dreams if you don't take action
  35. Goodbyes will never get easier