1. The seat hoppers.
    Several girls jumping from seat to seat claiming it as there own until the real ticket holder came along.
  2. The wild ones.
    Tied up shirts need to be left in middle school, and twerking obnoxiously to a slow song isn't cute.
  3. The line skippers.
    After standing in line to get in for 15 minutes I witnessed a woman walk up to the young girls in front of me, hand them cash & then proceed to cut the entire line.
  4. The proposal.
    I had mascara tears after this.
  5. The drunken parents.
    We know the real reason you came.
  6. The wearer's of the homemade shirts.
    Unless you're 7, it makes me cringe.
  7. The... Excuse me sir, CAN YOU PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN.
    I'm 5'5", and at 22 they frown upon the ones that stand on the chairs, put your hands down please.
  8. The Hopeful.
    Hate to break it to you, just because you wear stripper heals and booty shorts doesn't mean you're gonna end up in bed with the artist. Please go wash off your caked on makeup before I mistake this concert for the circus.
  9. The boring.
    Why spend 60+ bucks on a seat when you're gonna sit there on your cell phone the entire time- LIVE A LITTLE.