1. My first cup of tea in the morning
  2. Clean sheets
  3. Going to the chiropractor
  4. Puppy cuddles
  5. Sleeping in
  6. Boarding planes
  7. The second you get to hug a friend you haven't seen in ages
  8. Concerts- from beginning to end
  9. Singing along to the radio as loud as you possibly can
  10. When my Oma tells me she loves me
  11. Spending a day without makeup
  12. Napping
  13. Chicken Caesar salads at Urth
  14. Fuzzy socks
  15. When your favorite artist drops a new single
  16. Getting your hair done
  17. Making yourself proud
  18. Disney World
  19. Long baths
  20. Listening to my niece laugh
  21. FaceTime dates with faraway friends
  22. Sunsets
  23. LA outlooks