...but didn't want to share and sound all political.
  1. Why didn't Jill Stein's campaign sell MAKE AMERICA GREEN AGAIN hats?
    Or did they? I really don't know. If not, missed opportunity.
  2. I have 14,000 emails that need deleting.
    I really do, and maybe more. I just flag the important ones as they come in.
  3. A smile goes a long way, but not when it's tactical.
    At least in my opinion. Same goes for loud sighing.
  4. Apparently, when people die, they become Democrats.
    So maybe we should learn from their perspective. Or maybe we should look into this voter fraud thing a bit further.
  5. Scoring debates really isn't the point.
    Is there any place in society for a scored debate? You know, if presidential debates aren't enough important?