I just finished reading all five Game of Thrones books and haven't seen any of the TV show yet. Here's a few of the more substantial book characters (I couldn't list them all even if I wanted to) definitively ranked. We'll see how this compares once I watch the TV show. **WARNING: SPOILERS**
  1. Arya Stark
    Definitely my favorite character. Her storyline is an ever changing turn of events (and names). She has a good heart and strong will. Here's hoping she gets off Bravos at some point, heads back to King's Landing and avenges her father's death.
  2. Tyrion Lannister
    Tyron's smart remarks and japes make reading a (somewhat) boring book that much better. I always love his chapters and am interested in what he's doing (which is why book 4 is the worst).
  3. Jaime Lannister
    Oh Jaime. How you play with my heart. I hated you so fervently those first 2 books but come book three my outlook changed and I became a Jaime lover. Hearing Jaime's backstory changes everything and his fierce desire to make up for his "oath breaking" makes me root for him even more. Not to mention his defense of Brienne and their camaraderie.
  4. Catelyn Stark
    Her first few chapters I was pretty bored with her. Then when I saw her passion for her children I started to really like her storyline. Then when she was MURDERED and didn't even get to see Bran again after his fall, or Arya who was LITERALLY outside the castle, I was so upset for poor Catelyn. But then the epilogue of book 3 came around and BAM. Lady Stoneheart is there kicking ass and serving revenge to the Frey's. Although I was upset when she condemned Brienne I still love Lady Catelyn.
  5. Khal Drogo
    His love for Daenerys is real from the start when he is gentle with her on their wedding night. His defense and protection of her and love for his unborn son is what most women are looking for in a man. The potential he had was real, we all know if he would have survived him and Daenerys would be ruling the seven kingdoms like the greatest monarchs ever. Unfortunately he died and my heart broke for Daenerys' sun and stars.
  6. Daenerys Targaryen
    This girls went from married and pregnant to widowed and barren to queen of Meereen and mother of dragons. I loved Daenerys more in the first book than anytime after that. When she is wandering around after Khal Drogo died and questioning her life decisions I was getting pretty annoyed, like DO SOMETHING. And by do something I mean take over Westeros not become queen of some city no one cares about where everyone's names sound the same. Although her freedom of the slaves gives her ups.
  7. Podrick Payne
    He was a good squire to Tyrion, he killed someone on the Blackwater, and he was a good companion to Brienne. Pod is loyal and courageous and quickly became one of my favorite characters.
  8. Dolorous Edd Tollett
    Dolorous Edd makes reading the chapters at the Wall worth it. His subtle jokes and sarcasm are my favorite nuggets amidst cold and bleak chapters.
  9. Ned Stark
    I feel like I should rank Ned higher on the list but it's hard for the characters who die in the first book. He is an honorable man and did not deserve to die. Poor Ned.
  10. Yoren
    Yoren helped Arya and I was so hopeful in his attempt to get her to Jon I almost cried when he was shot down.
  11. Hot Pie
    Debatably the cutest character in the books. He was just a little kid but he stuck with Arya through it all, even when he was scared or didn't want to.
  12. Beric Dondarrion
    Beric goes out under orders from Ned and when that doesn't work out he doesn't just quit, he becomes an outlaw aka badass Robin Hood catching travelers and making people pay for their crimes. Also he gets resurrected from the dead multiple times. One of my favorites.
  13. Jon Snow
    You know nothing Jon Snow. This guy has been through a lot, and last we heard he was getting stabbed in the back (literally) by his brothers in the watch. I feel like his life has been a series of difficult decisions and he always chooses the honorable path (when he can). I do not believe he is dead, Jon has more fight in him than that!
  14. Davos Seaworth
    Started from the bottom now he's here. A true underdog story. I admire his loyalty to Stannis and how he isn't afraid to speak his mind especially when it comes to Melisandre and such. I feel bad that he lost his sons and his luck in the Blackwater.
  15. Robb Stark
    Robb, Robb, Robb. If you had just married the girl you were supposed to and not the first girl you slept with much could have been avoided. But you had to be honorable like your father. And now you're dead 😫
  16. Brienne of Tarth
    I admire her loyalty. And I love her camaraderie with Jaime that develops. Totally thought she was dead but then she showed up for one sentence in book 5. We'll see if she can catch a break in book 6.
  17. Sansa Stark
    I hated Sansa in the first book. But once she was alone in King's Landing I started to feel bad, and now she's all alone with Littlefinger and whiny Robert Arryn. Poor girl.
  18. Bronn
    I love his companionship with Tyrion and that he stuck with him through it all (unlike Shae). He's a good friend and good comic relief.
  19. Varys
    The only one who seems to actually care about the well being of the realm. I loved when he helped Tyrion escape and when he showed up in the epilogue of book 5. I'm never sure if I can actually trust him but I really want to.
  20. Lord Commander Mormont
    Ah the old bear. I always loved the Lord Commander and was super pissed when he was killed by his own men at Craster's. Like what the fuck? He didn't deserve that.
  21. Hodor
    "And Hodor said 'Hodor.'" is why Hodor is one of my favorite book characters.
  22. Jaqen H'gar
    Was creeped out at first when he was lumped together with Rorge and Biter. But then when he helped Arya I was thankful and was amazed when she outsmarted him.
  23. Barristan Selmy
    I always liked him in the kingsguard and was upset when Joffrey dismissed him. It was nice to see him turn up again though! And he seems to be a good voice of reason for Daenerys, and I love that he doesn't give up on her.
  24. Strong Belwas
    I like this guy! I loved when he fought for Daenerys and just totally annihilated. Also when he ate all the poisonous locust that were meant for Daenerys and inadvertently saved her life, and he didn't die! This guy seems unstoppable.
  25. Oberyn Martell
    I was hesitant at first but when he offered to fight for Tyrion my heart was convinced. I was so convinced he was going to win that battle, and when he was crushed at the last second by the mountain my heart was crushed too.
  26. Meera Reed
    Seems to be the only logical one traveling with Bran. She's fierce and strong for a little girl and I like her.
  27. Brynden Tully
    Loyal to his house and Catelyn. I appreciated how he always stood up for her.
  28. Gendry
    He stuck with Arya and helped her when he could. I'm all for Gendry sitting the Iron Throne!
  29. Aegon Targaryen
    Was shocked to find out he was alive! The little prince seems to have a fire in his heart. Interested to see what more happens with him.
  30. Doran Martell
    A smart man. I feel bad that his family doesn't think he's doing anything for them when he is, it's just more political and secretive. I like him.
  31. Ygritte
    Wasn't a huge fan of her seducing Jon at first but then she grew on me. And then she died.
  32. The Kindly Man
    Kind of a strange character but it seems like he actually wants to help Arya.
  33. Grey Worm
    Loyal and a good commander of the Unsullied.
  34. Robert Baratheon
    Didn't love that he wanted to kill babies, but otherwise I would say he was a good King. He fought for the realm and was loyal to his friends.
  35. Tormund Giantsbane
  36. Penny
    So innocent. Poor girl. I wish she would toughen up a little, life isn't fair and she needs to learn that.
  37. Lady Olenna
    I liked this old lady. She was funny and was at least trying to help Sansa get out of the Kings Landing.
  38. Stannis Baratheon
    He's very logical which I mostly like although it doesn't really make sense to me why he is following R'hllor. Also strictly speaking he should be sitting the Iron Throne and it bugs me that no one else can admit it and no one else will join his force. Poor guy, we'll see if he can ever catch a break.
  39. Jon Connington
    Was thankful when he saved Tyrion, and I can appreciate that he saved his best friend's son and is now trying to help him win the throne.
  40. Myrcella Baratheon
    The only one of Cersei's children that seems to have some redeeming qualities. There's potential here, and I hope she makes it far.
  41. Illyrio Mopatis
    I like that he helps Daenerys and Tyrion out and seems to have some type of hand in what's going to happen next in King's Landing.
  42. Daario Naharis
    I wish him and Dany could be together 😩 I want to trust him so bad. Hoping I can and that he doesn't turn out to stab Dany in the back.
  43. Arianne Martell
    I liked her drive and that she wanted to help Myrcella take the crown. Too bad things didn't work out for her, and for the plans of marrying Viserys that she didn't even know about.
  44. Sandor Clegane
    The Hound. I don't know how to feel about this one. He's Joffrey's dog but he was nice to Sansa and was going to bring Arya to her mom. And he never hurt either of them when he could have. Totally thought he was dead but apparently he might not be? I have no idea.
  45. Jojen Reed
    Kind of a strange little kid. Don't really like how he tries to subtly boss Bran around.
  46. Renly Baratheon
    It always super bothered me that he could never admit that Stannis really should have been king when it came to birthright. Like just join your brothers fleet and you can overthrow the Lannisters, stop fighting amongst yourselves! But no. He has to argue with his brother and get himself killed. Great.
  47. Asha Greyjoy
    Fierce as ever. I appreciate her as a woman trying to take her Father's seat after he died and felt bad when it didn't work out for her. She could be kind of a bitch but she was always a fierce fighter.
  48. Margaery Tyrell
    Never quite trusted her. Still not sure how to feel about her.
  49. Tommen Baratheon
    Poor Tommen. He just wants to play with his kittens. It's not his fault his mom is a conniving psychopath
  50. Jorah Mormont
    I was shocked and appalled when I found out he was sneaking information on the Targaryens to King's Landing. I TRUSTED you Jorah. I was rooting for you and your love for Daenerys and then you just rip my heart out. Was glad when she cast him out for that.
  51. Victarion Greyjoy
    Felt bad when he didn't win the Kingsmoot. Apparently his brother did some terrible things to him. And now he is going to steal Daenerys from him? As like most characters, I'm not sure how to feel!
  52. Edmure Tully
    Very whiny and all upset that he has to marry a Frey, like sorry Robb fucked up but somebody has to help win this war, make a freaking sacrifice and get over yourself.
  53. Mance Rayder
    I feel indifferent. I mean he shouldn't have deserted his watch but he seems to actually care about the wildlings which is nice.
  54. Dontos Hollard
    The poor fool. "Helped" Sansa escape? He did at least, and then Petyr killed him. Poor guy, but he was always drunk and seemed pretty stupid.
  55. Quentyn Martell
    I feel like a whole book was wasted on this guy just for him to die. I felt bad that Daenerys didn't want to marry him, but did you really think you could steal a dragon? Really glad we wasted 1/4 of books 4 & 5 hearing about you and your backstory just so you could die..
  56. Euron Greyjoy
    I'm not sure how to feel about the Crow's Eye. They say he's done terrible things but I feel like I never got clarification on what. But he's the kind of the Iron Islands now so there you go. I'm interested to see what he does next, especially when he mentioned Daenerys and her dragons!
  57. Melisandre
    Not a huge fan of this lady. Her magic and sorcery is scary, especially when she gave birth to a shadow that killed Renly?! Like what in the world? I'm wary of her and don't like her being at the Wall with Jon.
  58. Shae
    I was convinced Shae loved Tyrion. I was convinced they'd run away and get married and have babies. Instead we find this whore in bed with Tyrion's own father. My heart was broken.
  59. Petyr Baelish
    I don't even know how to feel about this guy. I find it very creepy the way he acts toward Sansa but at the same time at least he got her out of King's Landing..
  60. Xaro Xhoan Daxos
    Never trusted him. He always wanted to marry Daenerys even though it's implied he liked men. And I was pissed when he wouldn't help her get ships when she was in Qarth, like really? You can't help? Fine then.
  61. Samwell Tarly
    We get it. You're fat and you're scared. Basically all what Sam's chapters say. Man up dude! I'm sick of your whining!
  62. Lysa Arryn
    Holed up in her "impregnable" castle and not helping anyone is this selfish bitch. I know you want to protect your child but seriously, you can't even visit your dying father?
  63. Qyburn
    I don't even want to know what he does with those prisoners and corpses. Glad he helped Jaime with his hand but anything after that and I am weirded out by this guy.
  64. Bran Stark
    Bran in the first book is alright, but then it's all downhill from there. I'm sorry alright? I'm sorry you fell, but please don't make me suffer hearing you complain about that constantly. And if it's not that it's everything else that's going wrong for poor little Bran. I'm sorry, I'll say it, I am not a Bran fan.
  65. Hizdahr Zo Loraq
    Was not a fan before he married Dany and then he turned out to be even worse. Trying to poison your wife and kill her dragons? Not the way to a woman's heart.
  66. Craster
    Nasty old man marrying his daughters and sacrificing his sons. Glad he helped the Watch when he could but not a fan of who he is as a person.
  67. Grand Maester Pycelle
    Liar. Betrayer. Old. Was glad when Varys killed him in the book 5 epilogue!
  68. Roose Bolton
    Quiet. Creepy. Turned against Robb and the North. Father of a terrible human being. And apparently he knows what's going on and doesn't do anything to stop Ramsay..
  69. Janos Slynt
    Didn't like him as captain of the city watch and didn't like him on the wall. Was very thankful when Jon chopped his head off.
  70. Lommy Greenhands
    This little dickling has the nerve to out Arya and her crew when she specifically told him not to, even after he broke his leg and they wasted their strength dragging him around! A good lesson that yelling "yield" does not always mean the people will listen.
  71. Mirri Maz Duur
    So upset when she betrayed Dany. She saved you! And trusted you! And then you go and kill Drogo. Was glad when she burned.
  72. Little & Big Walder
    Assholes at Winterfell. Assholes with Ramsay. Just always little assholes.
  73. Viserys Targaryen
    A huge jerk to his sister, when she's the one who has to marry a stranger and make all the sacrifices. Never was a fan and was glad when Khal Drogo gave him his golden crown.
  74. Alliser Thorne
    Just a huge jerk for no reason. Seems to hate Jon with a dying passion. Never was a fan.
  75. Theon Greyjoy
    Ugh. He was such a dick in the book. Always thinking he's better than everyone else and when he overtook Winterfell I was just done. The thing is then he was such a pussy to actually take action and do anything major, he couldn't kill anyone or hold up to any of his threats. I totally thought he was dead after book 2 but then he shows up in book 5 as Reek. I kind of felt bad for the guy but still. I don't know if I can ever forgive him for what he did at Winterfell.
  76. Vargo Hoat
    The goat and his lisp can go fuck themselves. My dislike of him was secured when he took Jaime's hand and tried to rape Brienne.
  77. Ramsay Snow
    This guy is an illegitimate child and legitimately crazy. I would be absolutely terrified if I was captured by him. A sick, sick man.
  78. Robert Arryn
    This whiny little kid better shut the hell up and stop being such a little bitch.
  79. Cersei Lannister
    This lady be crazy.
  80. Gregor Clegane
    The mountain. Terrible. Scary. Cruel. I hate him. Especially when he crushed Oberyn's head. Jerk.
  81. Tywin Lannister
    A jerk to anyone and everyone. He deserved that quarrel in the groin.
  82. Ilyn Payne
    This motherfucker chopped Ned's head off like it was nbd. Him helping Jaime train with his left hand gives me a few ups but still. This dick.
  83. Walder Frey
    This old man is crotchety and creepy but nothing is worse than having guests in your house and then murdering them all.
  84. Joffrey Baratheon
    The absolute worst.