I was babysitting two girls that @carlywalsh live-in nannied for in 2013.
  1. "Your teeth are just like Carly's."
    Their synchronized response to me introducing myself.
  2. "You giggle just like Carly."
    Compliments of sharing a room for 18 years, I guess?
  3. "You sing just like Carly, all high and aaaaahhhhahhhhhh."
    Also comparable were Taylor Swift and Dan Seals, but Carly was the one they held in the highest regard.
  4. "If there was a difference between Carly and you, it's that you're stronger."
  5. "You have the same beautiful long, blonde hair as Carly."
    I don't want to tell them we're fraternal. I don't think they'd be able to take the heartbreak.
  6. "You're funny........just like Carly!"
    As they finish all my stories because they know them by heart even though I just met them last night.
  7. "Oh! I can just see Carly in your eyes."
    Said with a dreamy expression on her face when I told her to go to sleep.