1. gossamer
    that delicate cobweb like film that glows silver during twilight
  2. meh
  3. poot
    fart 😛
  4. bumbershoot
    a silly word for an umbrella
  5. ginormous
    really big
  6. tinge
    to be slightly colored
  7. globular
  8. fantoosh
    Scottish slang to describe someone who is overdressed (a fantoosh). Can also describe going over the top, with borderline pretension. Going to a fancy wedding tends to make people fantoosh.
  9. glomp
    To super-enthusiastically embrace someone; think: bearhug.
  10. grok
    to totally and intuitively understand
  11. jayus
    Indonesian: a joke so bad that you just have to laugh.
  12. panoply
    a gamut, a spectrum, the whole range of things. it's impressive
  13. gumption
    grit and spirited initiative
  14. bamboozle
    to perplex, or fool someone
  15. canoodle
    to cuddle lovingly