1. seeing a dog's explosion of euphoria at your mere arrival
  2. the electric buzzing of insects at nightfall
  3. appreciating how goddamn big mountains are
  4. laughing at supremely silly things with friends
  5. fuckin' cookies n' milk
  6. turning a pillow over to the cooler side
  7. taking your socks off at the end of a day
  8. warm breezes on a summer night
  9. sleeping naked when drunk
  10. long, cosmically voluminous peeing in the morning
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  11. sipping hot chocolate after playing in cold snow for hours
  12. cleaning your ears with a Q-tip, after not doing so for a long time
    equal to orgasms
  13. becoming so involved with a song that you get goosebumps and tear up
  14. looking at foam fractals in a cup of coffee
  15. liking a book so much that you can't bear to stop reading it
  16. the almost creamy smell of a sweet fire
  17. eating a big spoon of brown sugar
  18. quietly enjoying a moment with someone
  19. watching a myriad of softly rustling leaves
  20. coding a function in one go without any bugs
  21. the sound of heavy thunder and rain
  22. blasting music while driving really fast
  23. looking at a feeble plume of smoke from a smothered candle, and realizing that the mathematics of its fluid dynamics are currently beyond human knowledge