1. The dog is on the bed with you.
  2. No one is there to witness your laziness in its full effect.
  3. Everything you need is within arms reach, if it's not then it's not important.
  4. Nobody has to know how long you stayed in bed.
  5. Hiding under blankets protects you from the scary things in life like responsibility, crushed dreams, debt, and social inadequacies.
  6. Your bed will never leave you it is always there for you.
  7. Whether it's a day or a month, you probably deserve extra bed time.
  8. Food can be delivered.
  9. You will have to get up to use the bathroom though. Please don't shit in your bed. It's not okay.
  10. Maybe all you need is the idea of bed to get through.
  11. Live your life knowing bed is always an option