That falsetto tho
  1. This is Eric Nally, front man of a band called "Foxy Shazam!" that's been on a hiatus since late last year. He's awesome. He sings the chorus in "Downtown" by Macklemore and deserves your attention.
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  2. Foxy Shazam! - I Like It
    Eric Nally's testament to his love of the female derrière. After hearing this, his lyrics in the Macklemore song will make a lot more sense.
  3. Foxy Shazam! - Oh Lord
    Pure Foxy at its height. Eric Nally's love letter to his young son, who's even featured in the music video.
  4. Foxy Shazam! - Red Cape Diver
    An early cut and a tour staple for years.
  5. Foxy Shazam! - the Church of Rock n Roll
    The raucous and energetic title track off of their fourth album.
  6. Foxy Shazam! - Wanna-Be Angel
    Personal favorite of mine. Used to open up a lot of my college radio shows with this one. @TJ can attest.
  7. Foxy Shazam! - Connect
    Soulful jam with a full church choir and beat boxing in the background (obvious combination, right?).
  8. Foxy Shazam! - Count Me Out
    Eric's opinions on modern love. Gold as always.
  9. If you make it this far down the list and are still craving more Foxy, best to start with their self titled album released in 2010.