Potential reasons why I keep waking up before 7am

Let's get to the bottom of this, y'all. Add your suggestions below!
  1. My mother's genes
    All my life, my mom has been a ridiculous early riser. She usually gets up, without an alarm, at 4:30 or 5am, and can't stay up past 9 at night. I've never been someone who stays up or sleeps very late, but maybe I'm finally starting to take after her.
  2. Light sensitivity
    My dorm room (which I will only be in for a few more days) has east-facing windows. As the days get longer and the sun keeps rising earlier, it's possible that my inherent sensitivity to light is working against me. Even when I close my curtains, my room can get hella bright as early as 6.
  3. Neighbor's alarm
    Again, this will only be relevant for the next couple of days, but my wall-mate (the person who lives on the other side of a very thin wall) is an exceptionally deep sleeper, unlike me. Many times this semester, I have woken up to her very early morning alarms, which include various songs by Foo Fighters and Paramore playing on repeat, and this thing called the "sonic boom." All of these have been more effective at waking me up than her.
  4. Poor temperature regulation
    Are y'all catching on yet? My physical senses are very, well... sensitive! Too hot, too cold, too bright, too loud... all wake me up!
  5. Louis going to work early
    This past week, Lou (my partner) has been working shifts that start at 7am, and maybe I've been subconsciously waking up in solidarity with him even though I've got nothing to do.