1. Expecting a luxurious travel on my first international flight
  2. Turned out economy seats have small seats that are really a pain in the ass for long journeys
  3. Take off was really a breathtaking experience when the flight gains 300kmph in under 8 seconds before it just lifts off
  4. The constant fear of, what happens to all of us if the flight breaks down or something happens mid at at 10000 feets above sea level
  5. Wondering about human inventions and the marvels in aviation during the first few mins just after the take off
  6. After half an hour deep thoughts on human evolution, innovations and the fear of death, going back to the usual flyers routine of watching the latest movie in the personal entertainment system
  7. Gazing the window to grab a good view but end up watching the clouds. Oh look, ice crystals on the window!
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  8. Constantly check out the inbuilt 3d maps on the flight location and other parameters
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  9. Free drinks food and snacks keep you busy when ever the movies bore you
  10. As we reach Heathrow the flight descends and a spectacular view of London shows on sight!
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  11. Touch down with a small jerk and a smooth deceleration. Hello Heathrow! Next stop San Francisco