1. You can never overpack, but you can under pack. You will regret not packing that third girth.
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  2. Walking tacos are God's way of rewarding you for choosing this lifestyle.
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  3. You must never, ever forget your horses' favorite treat. And if you do, you must figure out a way to get it immediately, even if it means driving a golf cart to the nearest grocery store.
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  4. Yes, they serve a purpose, but if your horse is the one in the head to hoof sparkly sleazy, he is being laughed at by the other horses. A lot.
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  5. Your trainer, however nice or complimentary she may be at home, will suddenly turn into George Morris.
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  6. Your horse will develop a random new bad habit.
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  7. You will need to take out a second mortgage to pay your show fees.
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  8. Your horse will save your butt, more times than you can ever count, and you will consider changing her barn name to Angel.
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  9. Nothing will ever feel as good as earning a well deserved ribbon.
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  10. It is the only occasion you will happily wake up at 4:30 AM for.
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  11. You will cry, panic, and swear off horse showing forever on day 2. But as you load your horse on the trailer you ask, "when is the next show?"
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