1. "Just swing your leg over and get on top of him!"
  2. "She got me off today."
  3. "Smack his butt!"
  4. "You need to help him find a deeper spot."
  5. "Give him his head."
  6. "More leg!"
  7. "Less hands!"
  8. "He's so stiff."
  9. "Make sure you warm him up properly."
  10. "You look good on him."
  11. "She needs a bigger girth."
  12. "He's too small for you."
  13. "She really had a motor today!"
  14. "He's too big for you."
  15. "Use your crop!"
  16. "Really wrap your legs around him and drive."
  17. "You need a deeper seat."
  18. "You've got to be really soft with her mouth."
  19. "Get his head up!"
  20. "Make sure she's not still wet."