Taking a new job with tight rules makes me appreciate my original job lots.
  1. Dressing like a bum
    Whatever scrub pants and whatever t shirt I can find/want to wear. Headbands to cover my mop. No makeup. Holey shoes. I saw one girl wear jeans once.
  2. Google
    Google is not blocked. I can do homework on my downtime. Or check email. Or whatever.
  3. Fellows
    At night we have fellows. And they're on call. Most are pretty reasonable and respectful which means autonomy. It's a beautiful thing.
  4. Food at the desk.
    I eat all night. Make tea at my computer.
  5. Pay
    It's better than the new place. Even when I was full time.
  6. Music
    I whip out some tidal and jam to just about anything I want. If I have a sedated pt. I jam in their room too.
  7. Slumber party
    All of this combined with often working with pleasant laid back folks leads to adult conversations and laughter. Like a slumber party.
  8. $30/hr incentive.
    Need I say more?