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I would wear most of these if I wasn't afraid of getting sexually harassed.
  1. pajamas
  2. just a nice, soft bra
  3. no shirt, titties out, while exercising
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  1. I won't be able to access the internship resources it uniquely offers
  2. I won't get to be friends with most of the amazing people there
  3. it might be harder for me to get a job because that's the highest ranking/most well-respected school I applied to
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  1. chalkboards propped up or hung outside restaurants and bars
  2. those soft boards that letters are pinned into. what are they called?
  3. fluorescent lights
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  1. architect who builds structures that not only are cool to look at but also facilitate positive social change
    but this would obviously be in a world where I'm good at math
  2. artist (probably with a Yale MFA) who is famous at a young age and thus is financially stable
  3. director of MoMA PS1 and curator at MoMA (at the same time)
    a dude who looks like he's trying to look albino and is named Klaus Biesenbach currently is doing this
  1. wholes / holds / holes
  2. peace / piece
  3. goal / ghoul
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