Since I've never found a diet or a dietician that caters to those addicted to their morning Starbucks, I decided to broadcast my own. I've literally lost weight while drinking mocha frappes or white mocha frappe every morning, for years; sometimes ventis and trentas (custom ordered) size too.
  1. Know your drink's calories.
    Don't cheat here; it's important you at least know what you're consuming in calories so you can make other adjustments throughout the day.
  2. Recognize everything is about balance.
    To lose weight, one still must burn more calories than they take in.
  3. Eat a very light breakfast after your Starbucks
    Wait until you are hungry, following the digestion of your Starbucks. Eat something simple: A hard boiled egg. An apple. Stay away from carbs at this time. You've had enough for right now in your Starbucks. For health benefits, we also recommend you eat organic foods.
  4. Check your Starbucks labels. Be educated.
    Ask at the counter to see the ingredients in your drink. They will show you. You should be aware where the sugar is being added, preservatives, etc. For example, their matcha tea comes prepackaged with sugar. No need to add more.
  5. Cut back on calories in your drink if you can, if it doesn't alter the taste.
    Easiest thing is switching from 2 percent milk to non fat milk.
  6. Consider stevia, added by you.
    We all know your fancy drink will come with sugar. But if you can handle aspartame (I can't) and like the taste, switch to it at least until you lose some weight. If not, consider less sugar pumps and adding stevia with it. Carry packs or a bottle in the car. If none of that works, don't worry, you can still lose weight.
  7. Track your calories.
    Use an app like lose-it. You'll see how many calories are left for your day after your Starbucks.
  8. Try exercising. (Not 100% necessary though)
    It's worth it to keep that frapp in your life. And you can deduct exercise calories burned, with your calories tracking app.
  9. Ignore dieticians
    Of course the first thing any dietician will say is to save those morning calories and cut your Stabucks. I mean, hand me a $100 and I could tell you the same thing, but they are clueless just how much this drink means to our mornings and life.
  10. Recognize you deserve pleasure
    C'mon, we all know this drink is pleasurable. Why do you think Starbucks is so huge. Why cut pleasure out of your life? Why wake up without a glorious morning drink to look forward to (and wake up with). Don't worry; again, you can still lose weight.
  11. Know you are getting nutritional benefits.
    Think milk; think calcium. Think soy; think protein.
  12. Ponder the sugar.
    If you have a sugar issue, you should be aware of it. At one point recently, just for a test, I tracked my blood sugar (finger pricks and all) and I'm still normal, overall, even after nine years of morning frappuccinos. Again, if ur not, switch to stevia or sugarless drinks.
  13. Don't snack too much at night
    Think about that morning Starbucks. You want to have something to look forward to in the morning, not go to bed all full and add a rich drink on top of it all in the morning. Keep nighttime snacking very light, natural or abstain.
  14. Satisfy your sweet tooth
    You get one time of the day to satisfy your sweet tooth. Your Starbucks is it. If you want something else, that chocolate cake, you'll need to forego the Starbucks. But remember, this is a Starbucks diet. So we recommend foregoing the cake.
  15. Still watch your carbs
    Don't obsess over them. But don't eat huge amounts of pasta or breads. Just eat less, if you want those. Everything is about balance and since your priority is that awesome morning drink, you can sacrifice a little other carbs here and there.
  16. Don't overdo your meals.
    Remember, you're still dieting here. If you're honest with yourself, you know what works for your own body. It's not the time to engage in huge, over-indulging dinners. Because of your morning Starbucks, you may find your biggest meal is mid-day; all the better for calorie burning.
  17. Consider downsizing
    If you can, consider getting a smaller drink just to reduce some element of calories. The lowest I've ever been able to go, was a grande. But, again, I lost weight with custom trenta frappes, following these guidelines.
  18. Live a little
    You're not going to die or become obese enjoying a daily coffee/sugary drink. Enjoy your life. It's all how you handle the rest of the day that matters, in order to keep that Starbucks in your life.
  19. Know you can do it.
    Dieting without pleasure is like living life without meaning. So know that following these steps can assist you toward your weight loss goals, even while you satisfy your taste buds.