You're bored? Great! This is an awesome opportunity for you! Let's begin!
  1. Start writing! Write a blog, write your memoirs, write about your dog, write to your ex (but don't send it).
    This is a perfect time to get inspired, find your thoughts and write them down.
  2. Plan your future. Start with short term or long term plans. Plan how to attain your wishes, dreams, finances, love, career. Now is the time. If you have plans already, reassess them.
    If your always running around busy, how can you know what's truly in your heart.
  3. Create art. You don't have to be an artist to express yourself artistically. Try drawing, a DIY project, pottery, graffiti on a canvas.
    You will get lost in the moment of being your true self.
  4. Decide to volunteer. Sure, we can all say we are too busy with life to think of others, but that's exactly the time you should.
    The benefits of giving are amazing.
  5. Read books, blogs and other inspirational pieces.
    You'll start to see 'boredom' is really an opportunity.
  6. Be quiet. Be still.
    Take the moment to realize all you have, all you are.
  7. Start something. Start a company, a project, gardening, running, anything that gets you involved.
    Dream big and have the confidence to see it through.
  8. Find your passions. Who among us have just one? Try many! Is it cooking? Cook or bake. Is it working out? Star in your own workout video. Want to be an actor? Search local theaters. Love math? Sign up for a class.
    Responsibilities are a necessity in life, but be sure you still have time to do what you love.
  9. Make others a priority.
    We can all get lost in ourselves and our lives. But right now, someone else may need you. Think. Whom can you help right now? Sometimes the smallest gesture can be the biggest gift.
  10. Seize this time and place.
    You will never be in this moment again. Use your boredom to inspire, give, create, plan, love or laugh. Boredom is simply a disguise for the time and space to make great things happen!