As some families are enjoying the remaining days of summer, many others are already thinking 'fall' as kids go back to school earlier and earlier in August. Here's how not to feel alone while the schools start fall early for you and your family.
  1. Watch the sunset and write poetry about seasons changing, missing the long days of summer.
  2. Visit stores with early autumn decor
    Pier One is a great one.
  3. Start your Halloween decorating plan
  4. View fall decor in catalogs
  5. Make end of summer recipes with end of summer veggies.
  6. Turn the air conditioner on very cool
  7. Suppress the jealous feeling when you see someone still enjoying summer with their kids (re-read this list) as yours are in school
  8. Still use your tanner, but add some olive greens, teals and orange tops to your summer whites wardrobe.
    (Autumn and summer colors mixed)
  9. Tend to your neglected summer gardening
    Get ready to plant for fall
  10. Visit a nursery
    Pick one that gets fall plants and decor in early
  11. Plan weekend beach trips
    You have two days every week to pretend the school system has not hijacked your summer.
  12. Notice the sunset is on your side
    These days you're both going down early.
  13. Burn a fall scented candle and think early of holiday plans.
  14. Send your child off to school with a jacket knowing cool mornings mean fall is about to arrive.
  15. Realize you no longer have to savor the summer or worry about summer ending because the school system has ended it prematurely for you and your kids.
  16. Accept it, reluctantly, and plan for a great Christmas vacation when the family is back together again, free of academic pressures!