Outlast your friends on a Girls Night with a few training tips.
  1. Prepare in advance with night owl training.
  2. Sleep in late the morning before a girls night.
  3. Drink coffee in the afternoon and evening, or energy drinks in moderation.
  4. Take an early evening nap; even twenty minutes helps, before your girls night.
  5. Keep your drinking at low to low-moderate levels only. You won't tire out from the alcohol, as a result.
  6. Exercise the afternoon before a girls night. But don't overdue it.
  7. Dress so you won't be overheated. Short skirt, short sleeves, light jacket. Brisk air will keep you sharp.
  8. Limit carbs that day and night.
  9. Do eat on a girls night. It keeps your energy and blood sugar at appropriate levels.
  10. Pick fun friends you'd want to hang out with until late night or early morning hours.
  11. Pick a great venue.
  12. Try mixing the environment on a girls night. One place too long can be boring and make you tired.
  13. Be spontaneous and creative.
  14. Don't linger in conversations that don't engage you. Change the subject to something better.
  15. Come up with fun games or conversations involving the girls, rotating turns.
  16. If a boring guy tries to pick you up, politely excuse yourself.
  17. Pick a place with music you like.
  18. Be sure there is visual and auditory stimulation in your environment.
  19. Know what you like.
  20. Take a walk or step outside in brisk air for a few minutes while at the girls night event.
  21. Drink more coffee or energy drink.
  22. Keep your eye on the next thing to do throughout the night. Keeps your mind alert.
  23. Try something new.
  24. Stay sober and be the designated driver. The responsibility will ensure you stay alert.
  25. Late into the girls night, plan where to go for breakfast. Eye and mind are always on the next thing to look forward to.
  26. Take out your contacts at some point and wear your fashion glasses, giving your eyes a rest.
  27. Laugh a lot.