1. Travel a lot for work. You'll never want to leave home.
  2. Realize how quiet your neighborhood is, as everyone else has left. Ahh, peace at last!
  3. Dine locally. Everyone else is 'at the lake', 'up north', 'in Vegas' fighting crowds and waiting in line.
  4. Drink at home. No worries about drunk driving or being a tragic holiday statistic.
  5. Walk ur dogs. Seriously, how neglected are the poor pups just staring at you, their eyes saying, "When are we going for that long walk you've promised for so long?" Now is the time. Just do it. They love your grassy yard. ...or the neighbors'.
  6. Know you aren't alone. There's another neighbor or two around home for the weekend just like you. Strike up a conversation, get together for a barbecue!
  7. Have your own neighborhood party! Invite everyone. Statistically, you'll get about 33.33 percent at best. You'll look great inviting everyone, have a fun time, yet save money on the no-shows.
  8. Do those house chores you always said you'd accomplish on a long weekend. You know who you are.
  9. Do gardening. Lowe's loves you for this on a holiday weekend.
  10. Exercise. Yeah, yeah. So many reasons not to. But just start with a walk outside. How about at dusk to see the sunset
  11. Schedule a Girls Night or guys night. Friends are the best to laugh and have fun around.
  12. Invite family and friends over. Pot luck so you're not stuck doing all the cooking. It's hard enough cleaning the house for them. Better yet, keep them outside. So much easier to just clean a bathroom.
  13. Have fun on li.st. Of course this is a given. How about spreading the word about listmania. Use that word because it makes others think they are missing out on something. Show friends the app in person. Some are reluctant without the visuals. You know, the ones who think Facebook is the end all, as if new apps aren't like popular new nightclubs.
  14. Have Zen moments. Seriously, you know if you don't live in the moment, it will be Tuesday in no time and you'll be back to work or school; in the ol' routine.
  15. Eat and drink for fun! Diets start 'next Tuesday'!
  16. Make it memorable in your own way. Have a great holiday weekend everyone! Must get out of bed now...that's another: Sleep in!!