1. That online yearbook site haunts me
    Not because of my pictures or highschool
  2. Because now I see people, strangers on the street I pass, as a high school picture
    Of days gone by
  3. They are older now, may be gray, may have kids
    And I think, I wonder what they looked like in high school.
  4. Randomly, someone passes me on the street, a bit overweight
    And I wonder how they looked in high school. I used to have a theory that If we'd all just keep our high school weight, there would be so fewer health problems. And we'd all look so great.
  5. Then I see an older couple walking by me
    The ones who look like they've been together forever. And I think...wonder if they were class couple. Wonder how they looked together back then. Did they make the senior prom pictures in the yearbook? Were they a popular couple?
  6. Back at home, I get a banner ad of more random yearbook pictures from that yearbook site. "Get your yearbook now", it reads.
    And I think, who are these people on this banner and what do they look like now? What has happened in their lives since this now-dated high school picture ? Are they still alive? Who has their story?
  7. A notice comes into my email that one of my classmates joined the site
    Thankfully it's from the wrong year because I don't really want to change that image of a classmate I have etched in my mind from days gone by. I can see them there smiling in a 1 X 1.5 snap shot, in alphabetical order by last name, and I'm okay with that.
  8. I thumb thru my yearbook online again
    And I ponder, who donated this book to the site for copying? Are they dead, and it made its way to a garage sale? Who just gives up their yearbook? And who has written the student comments I see on random pages, a reminder of friendships when all of life was fresh and futures were yet to be defined.
  9. Then I think of Facebook and I realize somewhere someone knows what these people I ponder look like. Someone knows them from high school, even as time has passed.
  10. And when I see the strangers on the street while envisioning their high school yearbook picture, quietly, to myself, I ask them...
    Did you fulfill your dreams? Did you find love? Were you able to keep the hope, the vision, the perspective that life had so much to offer ahead of you. Was life good to you as you had hoped?
  11. Were you able to keep a portion of that person, that view, that outlook you had when the photographer said, "Smile" and in a flash the beginning of a new journey was captured, forever frozen in time.
  12. I still wonder what you looked like back then. And I do hope life has been good to you and all you've hoped it to be.
    Maybe we could all just wear our high school yearbook pictures on our shirts. It would really be helpful.