1. 10. Yesterday at the mall, your running shoelace got caught in the escalator, shredding it to pieces and you were lucky your foot was spared.
  2. 9. You went running toward a white truck thinking it was an ice cream truck, driver didn't see you and ran over your foot.
  3. 8. Hoka running shoes announced a new brand and style relegating yours now to the overstock.com site
  4. 7. You were passed last time running, by a first time runner
  5. 6. Your bills are overdue and must be paid because all you do in your spare time is run and everyday responsibilities never get accomplished
  6. 5. The hills grew taller today. And steeper
  7. 4. A cool, expert runner dude crossed paths with you running yesterday and didn't acknowledge you as a fellow runner, thus placing you in the novice category
  8. 3. You skipped the In and Out burger the day before so your calorie intake is thus stable
  9. 2. Your neighbor saw this while running
  10. 1. Tomorrow seems like a better day for running