Or, the best parts of 2015
  1. Because I have barely any pictures of me with Duke.
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  2. Because I never thought I'd get to do this again.
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  3. Because the surprise trip to Vala's was the best
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  4. Because I ❤️ football season
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  5. Because this is the life
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  6. Because I never thought I'd be in a position to take this picture
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  7. Because I adore having a couch instead of a loveseat
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  8. Because this is my favorite view
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  9. Because even mini road trips are awesome
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  10. Because my Jeep symbolizes so many things, it makes me happy every day.
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  11. Because this reminds me to honor her memory
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  12. Because I had the best seat in the house this year
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  13. Because the geese that hang out at the Pizza Hut in Ida Grove are my favorite
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  14. Because this trip and this family was healing for our weary hearts
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  15. Because I love my dog
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  16. Because it's rare to catch my cats cuddling
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  17. Because going to the races is always a blast
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  18. Because car shows are our family tradition
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  19. Because life is beautiful even when you hurt
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  20. Because I went to my first truck and tractor pull this year
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  21. Because my husband still melts my heart
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  22. Because I got to watch the whole demo derby this year instead of just the last part
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  23. Because harvest is our busy time of year now
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  24. Because even so, we're still together as much as possible
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