Or, the best parts of 2015
  1. Because I have barely any pictures of me with Duke.
  2. Because I never thought I'd get to do this again.
  3. Because the surprise trip to Vala's was the best
  4. Because I ❤️ football season
  5. Because this is the life
  6. Because I never thought I'd be in a position to take this picture
  7. Because I adore having a couch instead of a loveseat
  8. Because this is my favorite view
  9. Because even mini road trips are awesome
  10. Because my Jeep symbolizes so many things, it makes me happy every day.
  11. Because this reminds me to honor her memory
  12. Because I had the best seat in the house this year
  13. Because the geese that hang out at the Pizza Hut in Ida Grove are my favorite
  14. Because this trip and this family was healing for our weary hearts
  15. Because I love my dog
  16. Because it's rare to catch my cats cuddling
  17. Because going to the races is always a blast
  18. Because car shows are our family tradition
  19. Because life is beautiful even when you hurt
  20. Because I went to my first truck and tractor pull this year
  21. Because my husband still melts my heart
  22. Because I got to watch the whole demo derby this year instead of just the last part
  23. Because harvest is our busy time of year now
  24. Because even so, we're still together as much as possible