1. Overuse of jargon
    Like, that one time you bullshitted your way through a literature essay, in a foreign language, but worse.
  2. They use the same perfume as your parent(s)
    It's a great scent, yes, but Are you Cognitively capable of looking past this?
  3. "You'll understand when you're my age"
    Ok, after every debate, you can't be a dick about being born 5 years earlier than me. Weak shot, bro. (We're "bros", now 👊😊👋😐)
  4. "Are you seriously gonna wear that?"
    Listen to me Merlin. We're so done. Go join the fashion police. Go play in traffic.
  5. "I'll have my steak rare."
    Haha, Frenchies 🐌💥💫🇫🇷🐃...actually this one is tolerable and someone's food palate is their business until they suggest you try their diet and eat a papaya without peeling it. Non.
  6. Hipsters, smh.
    Uncool hipsters. Probably what most of this list is about.