Merci @LevNovak this was a fun topic 😊
  1. The good manners we were taught are rude somewhere else.
    Like, chewing with your mouth closed, making eye contact with the person you're talking to, finishing all the food on your plate, etc.
  2. Greeting people the way you're used to can be offensive. In France for example...
    Shaking hands is fine unless you're a man trying to shake a woman's hand: that's socially unacceptable and shady unless it's in the professional sphere. Similarly, hugging someone who isn't a family member/ bff/ etc, is just weird: you can make out with 10 million strangers but hugs? Lol. Ew. No. All this made my first day in England 🆒
  3. Cultural attachment(s) often change(s) when we're exposed to an unfamiliar culture.
    For example, an accent can change, often subconsciously, to sound similar to the one of people around you. Or The complete opposite.
  4. Find what you love and wear it
    Because there is a place on earth where our personal styles are completely has-been/ not cool/ unoriginal, but if you love it, who gon' check u?! 💥
  5. Strangers' kindness is a thing of wonder
    Travelling is also a great way to drift away from even the smallest forms of prejudice.