Unpopular Opinions

Inspired by @juliaaa
  1. Not a big fan of Guy Fieri
    He actually grosses me out, if I'm being honest
  2. I'm not too hot for peanut butter either
    I mean, I'll eat it. But it's ~never~ my first choice.
  3. I tried Game of Thrones and didn't like it
    Yeah, yeah, "it takes a little while to get into it." But why would I force myself through the initial pain?
  4. Cheese buns with a pepperoni stick inside are the ULTIMATE snack
    They've got it all and I love 'em for it.
  5. I will always choose caramel over chocolate!
  6. I can, will and do pair Vans with literally any outfit. Any.
  7. I have an unnatural interest in murder and bring it up in conversations semi-regularly even though I know it makes people uncomfortable.
    I'm sorry..
  8. I don't mind the word 'moist'
  9. I'm all about letting spiders live in my homes!
    They've done nothing wrong!