Best topics for dinner conversation if there's a lull but please don't cite me on them because these facts are not verified
  1. Blue whales can eat 500 000 calories worth of krill in a single bite
    Which begs the question, is the only purpose in life for krill to feed the whales? Why else would they swim in schools of 500 000 calories?
  2. Rabbits and beavers make two kinds of poop, a soft one and a hard one. They eat the soft one because it has nutrients or something but they leave the hard one
    I wanna meet the rabbit that eats the hard one just because
  3. Mantis shrimp pack a really hard punch and can see something like 12 distinct colours while I think humans can only distinguish 4 or something like that
  4. Gay penguin couples sometimes steal eggs from straight penguin couples, replacing the egg with a rock so that they can raise a family together
  5. Male Japanese puffer fish make art on the bottom of the ocean in the sand to attract mates