Summer movie time has caught me!
  1. ✅ Finding Dory
    I actually did get to see it before this list even happened...
  2. Secret Life of Pets
    I've been so excited since the very first teaser I saw!
  3. Ghost Busters!
    I don't care what anyone else says! I love those ladies and I will support them
  4. Jason Bourne
    I was insanely pumped when I learned there was one more coming our way
  5. Bad Moms looks good to but maybe not $12 a ticket good.
    Although i should support those ladies too...
  6. Update 1: saw Ghostbusters ✅
    I understand that some people might be unhappy with a remake but I loved it, those ladies are baller. And fucking Leslie Jones, man I love her. So much respect. Just all of them
  7. Update 2: friend told me Pets is no good 😞
    Heartbreak ensued. If I can still take my 5 year old little bro before the end of the summer I intend to
  8. Update 3: Suicide Squad
    Seems solid, should probably see it
  9. Update 4 (8/28): saw Secret Life of Pets with the cousins. ✅
    They enjoyed it which I think added to my enjoyment. It was the break my day needed too (probably went to see it a month ago at this point)
  10. Update: Saw Suicide Squad on opening night ✅
    It was pretty good. I wanted more story though, and more Jared Letto Joker...i think we all hoped it would be Marvel quality and it still couldn't quite live up. Or I'm just biased