The world is fucked up for a lot of reasons and I'm really feeling it today
  1. The Orlando shooting
    "Biggest mass shooting in US history" can we do something now???
  2. Christina Grimmie
    She was here and then she was does someone just walk up and do that?! But no of course everyone should be able to walk around with guns, that's how it should be right?
  3. I had one of those crummy dreams that seems super real and totally fucks with your head 😞
  4. Dreymond Green suspended from game 5
    No fucking way. Flagrant 1? He's not even allowed in the arena! That sucks!! And like LeBron didn't start shit?? You stepped over the man! That's super disrespectful! My dad says it's cause the league wants dubs to lose so it goes to 7 games...fuck the system
  5. A guy with assault rifles was arrested at LA pride
    Thank god he was arrested, but why!? Why pride? Why assault rifles!?
  6. Stupid fan drama at Euros in France ⚽️
    Idiots with alcohol could get England and/or Russia disqualified
  7. Assault rifles and just all the gun rights bullshit
    I can't deal with any more yeah buts