1. I've always hated mornings
  2. Especially when my wake up time is like 5:15 am
  3. I didn't go to bed early
  4. My shoulder (still) hurts unexplainably
  5. I didn't pack any of my bags last night
  6. I didn't charge my computer or pre-make my lunch last night
  7. I didn't finish writing the script that I need to "present" at my Relay for Life Kick Off tonight
  8. I didn't wake up early to potentially help with all those extra things I had to do
    Because I didn't go to bed early...
  9. The reason I was up late was because I was watching the finale of DWTS...but then I fell asleep before it ended and didn't even see who won 😣😤
  10. Someone is gonna ruin it for me before I get to decide how I want to solve this
  11. I woke up and realized this 😣😩
  12. There was no coffee ready this morning
    Because I didn't get to clean/prep the coffee pot last night
  13. I left the house late
  14. Traffic was crappy
  15. I'm driving my dads car because my axel is leaking and has to be replaced
  16. As I pulled in 10 minutes late this kid and her mom were already walking in. They were early. It's 6:55 am, give me a damn break
    "Oh, we're early, I didn't even realize we were early..."