May 2016 was a very busy month. Too busy. I had some great times but I don't wanna put myself through that again [apologies for changes in form/grammar, I wrote this list through the last month and it was originally things I've done...]
  1. Flown to Boston
  2. Turned 23
    Giphy downsized medium
  3. Said good bye to my best friend for possibly the last time in this country
    I was visiting her in Boston but she has now moved to a tiny town in the Netherlands
  4. (Worked for 4 days)
  5. Had a staff work party
    And missed out on my boss, and probably one of the people I'm closer with in the office, sampling some of his musical abilities :/
  6. Watched EuroVision song contest 2016
    Broadcasted on TV for the first time
  7. Started using list 👌🏽📋📜🗒
  8. Helped my mom teach Sunday School
  9. (Worked another 3 day week)
  10. Missed out seeing Bernie in my home town because I was too tired and getting ready for bed and a flight
    On May 18th...
  11. Flown to Los Angeles
  12. Gone to DISNEYLAND
  13. gone to California Adventures
  14. Had a freaking amazing time there with my friends
  15. (Worked for 4 days)
  16. Watched the Finale of Dancing with the Stars
    And cried when Nyle won of course because he's amazing to watch and let's not forget he's deaf!!
  17. Watched the premier of Bachelorette
    And felt some shame but also loved it, and rolled my eyes a lot but Jojo is awesome
  18. Hosted/held a Relay for Life Kick Off
  19. Went to my first Drag Show
  20. Closed a bank account
    Super exciting right?
  21. Attended ACYO-WD Sports Weekend
    For the first time even though I've been involved with my Armenian Church Youth Organization for like 10 years...
  22. Watched my youth group sports teams dominate with 2 first places in Volleyball and basketball
    And 2 individual sports too!
  23. Met my brand new baby cousin
    He was just a week old :)
  24. Celebrated my brother's 20th bday
  25. Didn't have a single full week of work because all of my trips/Memorial Day
    If you couldn't tell
  26. Attended a total of 1 work meeting
    Usually they're every week. Again, my trips and I think one was cancelled...
  27. Watched a lot of Warriors games!
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