Too many... 🍽 Recently I've actually noticed how much I've taken on/ am trying to balance and it's probably way too much for one person but I can't say no and I also want to have a part in everything!
  1. Work
    Yeah, I know. Everyone does. I work in an afterschool program with elementary kids. I love 'em. But I also do our AM care and have to be here at 6:45 am and then I have a weird gap in my day
  2. Relay for Life
    I agreed to be our event lead for the local relays which just merged with another city. There are a lot of people to help, but that also means a lot of people to lead and it sounds like they all need to be told exactly what to do. Great, more kids!
  3. Boyfriend
    Well I found myself one and he's pretty great but he also takes my energy and wants to see me all the time, and frankly I do too. But I can't afford to
  4. Acyo
    My youth group. I'm on the board and we have all kinds of activities planned but no one ever comes and lately I keep missing them or forgetting. Plus definitely don't have time for the "homework" aspect of it either
  5. Kim's wedding
    My friend asked me to be her Maid of Honor for a wedding we just started planning which is in March. Not enough time! So much to do! And I don't even know. Plus we're all in different states
  6. Sub job
    Applied for another job with the school district to substitute for one on one special needs aid type thing. Not sure when I think I'll be able to do that/handle it
  7. Armenian dancing
    Giphy downsized medium
    (It looks nothing like that) it was supposed to just be for an event in October, practices once a week. Then we got asked to perform in February so I guess they're back on...sweet
  8. Sunday school
    Haven't actually had to do it yet but my mom asked if she could list me as a sub for the Sunday school teachers
  9. Friends
    Oh you mean those people that mean the world to me but I never see cause I'm busy hanging out with the boyfriend or having a meeting or something
  10. Family
    Live with my parents but sometimes go a couple days not seeing them or barely. Which can be nice but also takes a role when they have no idea what's up. Also have other family members a few hours away I'd love to go see more often if I actually had any time