Probably definitely not a full list
  1. Thong wedgies
    I mean all wedgies, let's be real...
  2. People who call flip-flops thongs
    At least if you said thong sandals I might know what you were talking about...
  3. When people call underwear panties
    I know it's common, I just can't do that word
  4. Ants!
    Ants ants ants ants ants! I can't. Mostly big ol piles of ants or streams. I don't squirm at every bug I see but I can't deal with lots of ants
  5. Bigots, assholes, rude people, people who disagree with my core values and particularly are in your face about it
    There's a lot to be said here but I don't wanna fully take this list in that direction
  6. Trunp
  7. People who think that they should carry their guns everywhere, concealed, without necessarily having a permit
    Sure, maybe, possibly, you are of the right mind not to start some shit, but do you not realize the can of worms and probably massacre you're opening with this shit??
  8. Blisters 😣
  9. Questionable bruises
  10. Text fights with friends
  11. People who make my height (or rather lack there of) an issue, or need to stupidly point it out
    Look, I know, I'm fucking short. I've been through this enough to not really give a shit but get over it and get over yourself
  12. A lot of other shit I'm either forgetting or don't want to get into right now