A gem bestowed to us in our darkest hour (2003)
  1. 1. So Yesterday -- anyone who doesn't use this song to blow off steam is a sociopath
  2. 2. Come Clean -- BARELY #2. It's like kind of sexual? Right?
  3. 3. Why Not -- it was a bonus track. Don't fight me on this. **Long live Lizzie**
  4. 4. Sweet Sixteen -- this song gave many Limited Too shoppers false expectations about turning 16 but GENIUS
  5. 5. Party Up -- underappreciated and too often forgotten, I've cleaned many a room to this monster jam
  6. 6. Metamorphosis -- title track where things get super ??? but u roll with it cause it's just Hil
  7. 7. Anywhere But Here -- Lyrical heroin
  8. 8. Little Voice -- probably on a lot of Windows Media Player playlists. This song burns it down and you know it.
  9. 9. The Math -- the only thing that's good about math. One of the writers of this wrote Avril's Sk8ter Boi soooooo
  10. 10. Where Did I Go Right? -- cries hysterically while holding my knees rocking on the floor
  11. 11. Workin' it Out -- better than the last two and definitely Hil doing the best with music she was "eh" about. Ps anyone remember the movie Raise Your Voice? Cause that was gold standard. And Rita Wilson was in it. Damn.
  12. 12. Love Just Is -- she never really tells us what love is, but we just kinda deal cause this song is right before Sweet Sixteen
  13. 13. Inner Strength -- Haylie Duff wrote this and it's 1:34 ugh. Supposed to mellow us out from all the face-melting that we did during the previous tracks. Fails. Thanks for nothing, Haylie. Jk I still respect u.