I lived in China for 5 years. Now I have to face the fact that things change while you're gone, and I'm way out of the loop.
  1. Elevators have gotten more socially awkward.
  2. Facebook is essentially just a news sharing and messaging app now.
  3. All of my friends that used to be drunks are now rich as shit business people. All my friends that used to be stoners are still high.
  4. My previously high level of beer snobbery now makes me a novice in the current craft beer scene.
  5. In general, men are better groomed and dressed and there's a TON of fashion consulting companies geared towards men
  6. People seem to be writing off China for some reason.
  7. It's easier to find a grilled cheese sandwich than a slice of pizza in NYC
  8. People care a LOT more about news and politics but still don't read past the headlines.
  9. The video games I played in high school have become "cool retro throwbacks"
  10. Debit card transactions seem to go faster
  11. There's been a HUGE increase in the number of places and services that expect tips. Plus, paying on electronic devices like iPads that guilt you into a tip that you wouldn't have lid before.
  12. People just don't get carded anymore (or do I just look that much older??)
  13. People spend money on their phones, all the time.