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  1. Free time?
    Could it be as simple as I had the time to do it so why not do it? Was this something I secretly yearned to do during a time in my life when I was busier?
  2. Misplaced nostalgia?
    Could I be one of those annoying contemporaries who feels deeply nostalgic for an era to which I never belonged? Do I find myself saying asinine things like "It was simpler, more elegant back then" or "I think the New Deal is a Great Deal!" or "Remember when people regularly ate spam?"
  3. In a mood?
    You know how you get in those moods where you only eat kale salads, or you wear your college sweater six days in a row, or you decide to watch Twin Peaks backwards? That mood.
  4. Cary Grant may be attractive?
    No further explanation needed.
I'm very easily charmed by a transatlantic accent.
  1. His Girl Friday
  2. An Affair to Remember
  3. The Philadelphia Story
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  1. That woman with the felt hat and the rolling suitcase/backpack who always insists on exiting the door nearest the bus driver no matter where she's sitting and always manages to run the backpack over my toes
  2. The dude who repeatedly called the bus driver a cunt at 2:30 in the morning
  3. The cohort of administrators at the university who hate their jobs and always talk about their bathroom renovations
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  1. Let Me Clear My Throat (Live)—DJ Kool
    If you've ever wanted to tell a fake audience what to do, this is your chance. Plus the saxophone riff in this song is the fucking bomb.
  2. When the Levee Breaks—Led Zeppelin
    I'm a fan of pretending I can dance like Robert Plant. This is also a beautiful marriage of worrying about the breakdown of man-made water systems and bluesy despondency I look for in a song.
  3. Happy Song—Otis Redding
    Two things: positive message and the instrumentation is perfect for stomping as loud as you can.
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