1. Free time?
    Could it be as simple as I had the time to do it so why not do it? Was this something I secretly yearned to do during a time in my life when I was busier?
  2. Misplaced nostalgia?
    Could I be one of those annoying contemporaries who feels deeply nostalgic for an era to which I never belonged? Do I find myself saying asinine things like "It was simpler, more elegant back then" or "I think the New Deal is a Great Deal!" or "Remember when people regularly ate spam?"
  3. In a mood?
    You know how you get in those moods where you only eat kale salads, or you wear your college sweater six days in a row, or you decide to watch Twin Peaks backwards? That mood.
  4. Cary Grant may be attractive?
    No further explanation needed.