Sometimes small changes create a big impact. But unlike changing your hair parting or working out - making one of these small changes in your life might just help make the world a better place.
  1. Vote.
  2. Produce less trash.
    The blog Trash is for Tossers has some great tips for how to do this.
  3. Carry around an extra snack to give to someone who is hungry or homeless.
  4. Smile, make eye contact, and acknowledge the people who are giving you service.
  5. Adopt a furry friend from a local shelter.
  6. Support companies that create sustainable products and empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty.
  7. Reduce your water consumption
  8. Eat more plant-based meals.
    Having just one meatless meal each day is a super easy way to lessen your carbon footprint.
  9. Reuse, reuse, reuse.
    Water bottles, plastic bags, not toilet paper.
  10. Purchase items from second hand shops.
  11. Carpool, use public transportation, ride a bike, or walk whenever possible.
  12. Donate your extra change when asked to support a local charity.
  13. Lend as little as $25 to a small businessperson in a developing country.
    Through micro-lending websites like Kiva, you can help a small businessperson grow their business and repay you a few months later. In this way your spare cash saves lives - at no cost to you.
  14. Read more on Global Citizen!
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