8 Times Humanity Was Awesome

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  1. When police cooked dinner for a crying couple in Italy that was lonely
    Photo: Splash News
  2. When Marjorie Enya proposed to her girlfriend Isadora Cerullo at the Olympics and the world rejoiced
    Photo: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty images
  3. When the gymnasts from North and South Korea took a selfie together
    Photo: Reuters
  4. When Rashmi Misra built and entire school to provide impoverished girls in India with education
    Photo: YouTube/Namu Kini
  5. The Olympic Refugee Team
    Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images
  6. When the Ice Bucket Challenged actually secured a major scientific breakthrough
    Photo: splashscore
  7. When Iranian men wore the hijab to gift for gender equality
    Photo: Instagram/Masih Alinejad
  8. When Muslims in France attended mass to show love and solidarity for a murdered priest
    Photo: Marco Tacca/Getty Images