We asked everyone in the Global Citizen office which amazing woman had impacted their lives and made things a little better in the world. ADD YOURS!
  1. Wangari Maathai
    "The first person that came to mind for me was Wangari Maathai. The first woman in Kenya to earn a PhD, she revolutionized the way a generation looks at service. She struggled for social justice at a time when women were meant to stay in the home. Moreover, her movement to save her community from environmental destruction specifically targeted women's participation. No wonder she won the Nobel Peace Prize." - Erin Weber
  2. Hilary Clinton
    "Hilary Clinton! She's a badass who doesn't back down in the face of so much adversity." - Alison Shea
  3. Olivia Wilde
    "Olivia Wilde because she's informed on social justice issues, and is a committed activist and humanitarian. I also love when she writes op-ed pieces. Her wit is hilarious and they are great social commentaries." -Chelsea White
  4. Martine Rothblatt
    "Besides being the highest-paid female executive in the US, and a leader in the life sciences community, she was instrumental in drafting the UN's Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights. She also happens to be transgender." -Tom Blake
  5. Christiane Amanpour
    "Christiane Amanpour has always been someone I aspire to be like. She is one person in the media that I think truly works for social justice. She holds global leaders accountable for their actions and does not shy from an opportunity to shed light on the injustices of the world. She also became successful in an era where women had to fight for respect in the workforce and she laid the groundwork for more to come." - Alex Vinci
  6. Julia Gillard
    "She was the first female Prime Minister of Australia. She was a champion for education globally leading some of the biggest reforms in Australia domestically, and was also a champion for international development. On a personal level, I will never forget the grace with which she treated everyone she came into contact with - including a 22 year old student pitching an idea around polio eradication (yes, I mean me). She was a class act and I think an inspirational leader." - Michael Sheldrick
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  8. Ada Lovelace
    As a computer programmer this is probably the woman who most changed my life aside from my wife, mother, and daughters.
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