Shit Amelia Has Said

My older daughter turns 6 in two weeks and she is kind of amazing
  1. "You're making me mental" - Amelia, age 4. I'm really not sure what I did that made her mental.
  2. "That dress is OK, but I wish you were wearing something a little more fashionable" - Amelia, age 5. For the record, I did NOT change
  3. "I will cut you" - Amelia, age 3. We were in a heated argument about her not listening and she looked at me with venom in her eyes and said "mommy, I will cut you"
  4. "Linda, my pasta needs a reheat" - Amelia, almost age 3 to her preschool teacher. She didn't have pasta in her lunch so, yeah, she stole another kid's lunch.