1. Starkey's - Starkey's was the OG arcade on the 3rd floor of the Beverly Center where all junior high school kids came to see and be seen
  2. Heaven - ditto but at The Century City Mall. They had amazing t-shirts with their logo on them that were off the shoulder and a must have
  3. Rene's Skate Shop - for some reason we all thought we were skaters in our teens so we hung out at this skate shop on Melrose and tried to act badass (though I never actually stepped foot on a skateboard, but let's not get into details)
  4. Val Surf - in addition to being skate rats, we also thought we were surfers and went to the valley (gasp!) to get the latest that Billabong and T&C had to offer in outerwear
  5. The Old Pony Rides - back in the day, the Beverly Center was actually a dirt track where one would go to ride ponies. Needless to say, we were devastated as children when they decided to build something on this sacred ground
  6. Camp Beverly Hills - this store on little Santa Monica was the shit. White sweatshirts that said Camp Beverly Hills on them with a Palm Tree. Seriously, bring it back.
  7. Koala Blue - because who wouldn't love a store owned by Olivia Newton John in the '80s?