So commonplace you don't even think about it...until you do.
  1. Kissing
    Basically just taking one food hole and mashing it onto another food hole. Ahhh, so sexy.
  2. Tooth brushing
    Actually, just teeth in general. Little itty bits of exposed bone that we scrub 2x daily to make sure they look as white as, well, bone. (Tbh tho I've never seen my bones so idek maybe I have yellow ones does this mean I'm not a cool kid?)
  3. Drinking cow's milk
    Literally this is breast milk for baby calves. Imagine if we drank human breast milk as prevalently? Creepy. Who freakin stuck their head under a cow first??? I'd like to know what that lil freak was tryna do. Also, cow milk is aimed to make a lil baby calf grow into an enormous hulking cow so idk why we think drinking it is a good idea? Calcium is in veggies people we literally do not need to drink cows milk idgi
  4. Balloons
    These are just like. Lil balls of air that last like a week? Some of them float? Meant for celebration. Or, in some more understandable cases, flying.
  5. Some units of measurement
    Why do we still use horsepower? Like does anyone know how much power a horse has? I don't think this is common knowledge? Yet u tryna sell me a car by tellin me the car has 500 horsepower I literally have no frame of reference for this wtf??? Also candlelight too like um sry I'm happy ur flashlight is 1 million candlelight but I've only seen like 10 candles lit at one time in my life ok sry bye
  6. Crying
    I get that tears like clean ur eyes but why do they happen when we're sad/happy/angry etc.? It's like ur body just saying "I am leaky with emotion".