Aka the ones I like to re-watch. Started watching when it was airing, since I've watched then all multiple times on DVD/Netflix. In no particular order because that's too much work.SPOILERS (obviously)
  1. Forever charmed
    "Uncle Coop?" Is one of my favorite lines.
  2. Chris crossed
    Chris may be my favorite character
  3. Hyde school reunion
    Mostly the Chris/Victor relationship.
  4. Centennial charmed
    I liked Cole but the good to evil to good to evil thing was getting old. I am glad he got a few chances to come back but this was a good ending to the character.
  5. Courtship of Wyatt's father
    Mostly just the ending
  6. Love hurts
    I definitely like the later episodes better but piper and Leo in this are awesome.
  7. All Halliwell's eve
    Mostly just a fun Halloween episode, but it is cool that phoebe's Apple peel made a C and she would end up marrying Coop.
  8. Blinded by the whitelighter
    Natalie the general made this episode.
  9. The good the bad and the cursed
    Just for the interaction between Leo and victor
  10. Charmed again
    Maybe it's because I watched the last seasons first, I've always liked Paige better than Prue.
  11. Siren song
    I love a good power/body switch.
  12. Sam I am
    Piper and Leo chasing Sam was really entertaining
  13. Y run mummy tambien
    "You're both invincible"
  14. Cat house
    Mostly a clip show but I liked it.
  15. Sense and sensibility
    Piper and Wyatt bonding was really cool.
  16. The legend of sleepy halliwell
    Mostly for the reveal about Chris but I liked magic school too
  17. Spin city
    Have I mentioned I really like Chris?
  18. Payback's a witch
    A band robbery! And Paige learns to heal (finally).