I've seen (and loved) a lot of subpar horror movies. Here are the scripts I'm thinking of writing for a current movie goer.
  1. Taken Soul Cycle
    A demonic Fitbit makes people Soul Cycle until they die. Maybe sponsored by Soul Cycle?
  2. Application Death
    This is kind of like The Ring for now times, because what's a VHS tape? Lololol. If you download this viral app you die.
  3. Uber Evil
    A haunted Uber car that kills its riders. Like Christine, but shittier and the range of kill-ees is wider.
  4. Literal Bloody Mary Brunch
    A drunk girl summons Bloody Mary in the bathroom of a trendy brunch spot and the ghost kills all of the patrons.
  5. Bluetooth Boogeyman
    The Bluetooth Boogeyman enters your brain via Bluetooth, because no one knows how that even works, then possesses you.
  6. Pac It and Lock It
    Tupac's hologram saves a group of people in an abandoned, locked warehouse, who are forced to play sadistic games on each other, from impending doom.