After my baby love bucket @babystevens posted her list of the lovely Zendaya phone pics, I looked at the last ten pictures on my own phone. Here are the results.
  1. I want to buy this.
    Cb7a4ebf 1dd0 4c9d 8371 e8d43c8316a2
  2. I also want to buy this.
    061ab129 67c7 4705 8d47 d86bd67ee52c
  3. Okay, this is just the essence of me. This doesn't count.
    8f2e5490 2bc5 4c4f 838d 394565c0f33a
  4. I like this hair.
    3e26654a a42e 4b72 bf3a acebfd6909c5
  5. And this hair.
    709937a5 54a3 447c bb6b ef8490efefab
  6. And also this hair.
    82892478 4947 4246 8d61 f8c4207b8ba8
  7. I found an Instagram recipe for whatever this is and took a pic in hopes that it might make me skinny.
    21f60171 580f 45d1 b71a 5a1f5358ef0a
  8. I liked Kylie Jenner's makeup here. I am a fucking monster.
    F66c10d1 f0ef 43a9 836a 1e7c6f95d8f1
  9. Oh, look, Elaine Benes. Nothing wrong with that.
    E8e2f5f3 3bde 4383 987a 261560f51fe6
  10. THIS IS A PICTURE OF MY OWN HAIR. I am certifiably horrible and shallow. C'est fini.
    B842a562 9196 4d70 8f2a 9b6a2c433f75